Saturday, November 15, 2014

APP at Other Institutions

There have been Academic Program Prioritization efforts at numerous colleges and universities across the continent.  Those of us involved in APP at PSU can certainly learn a lot by looking at how those other institutions have conducted their processes.

In some cases, there are good ideas, tools, and strategies that we can adapt to meet our needs here. It's hardly surprising, but one of the most commonly shared features of a successful APP process is a commitment to communicate with and engage the campus community.

Of course, there are also opportunities to learn from experiences on campuses where APP did not work well, resulting, for example: from a lack of transparency or of faculty involvement; from a failure to set reasonable expectations; or from the use of a priori assumptions about what the results of APP should be. By observing the pitfalls elsewhere, we can attempt to avoid running in to the same issues here.

The following list identifies some of the organizations that we have surveyed to learn about how APP efforts have worked elsewhere.  (Items in bold were also considered by the previous ad hoc committee in developing their report and recommendations for PSU.)
  1. Alaska, Anchorage
  2. Angelo State
  3. Appalachian State University
  4. Boise State University
  5. Brock University
  6. CSU Sacramento
  7. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  8. California State University East Bay (Hayward, CA)
  9. Central Oklahoma
  10. Cleveland State University
  11. East Carolina University
  12. Eastern Oregon
  13. Gallaudet University
  14. Hanover Research Council
  15. Humboldt State University
  16. Idaho State University (Pocatello, Idaho)
  17. Indiana State University
  18. Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS)
  19. Minnesota Duluth
  20. Montana State University Billings
  21. Morehead State
  22. North Carolina State University
  23. Regina
  24. Saskatchewan
  25. Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond, LA)
  26. Southern Connecticut
  27. Southern Oregon
  28. Univ. of Central Oklahoma
  29. University of Colorado, Denver
  30. University of Colorado, Pueblo
  31. University of Guelph
  32. University of Nebraska
  33. University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA)
  34. Washington State University (Pullman, WA)
  35. West Florida
  36. Western Carolina University
Where possible, we have included links to websites with more information. The APPC also maintains a larger repository of documents from other institutions; we do not feel at liberty to distribute these directly on the web, but are happy to provide more details to colleagues at PSU.  In addition, of course, we welcome any additional pointers to documentation about APP efforts at other institutions, including notifications about dead or missing links in the above list.